Selected Work
  1. Covert Ecologies
  2. Forest Radio
  3. Ancient Rituals
  4. Métro-Carrelage
  5. Transmat
  6. EXTL-T618
  7. Inside/Outside
  1. Collaborative Futures
  2. Baltic Neighbours
  3. The Tens Effect
  4. Supermarket Stories
  5. Insect


  1. Stanisław is an inter-disciplinary designer, recently graduating with a masters’ degree from Glasgow School of Art

  2. Currently based in Kraków, Poland


Supermarket Stories

ENSCI / 2019
Booklet, Creative Coding

  1. Corporations are on a trajectory that uses identifiable data to monitor and predict our lifestyles, habits and spending. As humans, we can compare this to peeking into someone’s basket at the supermarket checkout and imagining what their lives look like.

  2. Could tomorrow’s artificial intelligence have the capacity to produce similar imaginations? What narratives of everyday life would it create and how would it make sense of them?

  3. A script recognises and collates keywords from people’s receipts, using corresponding images and literature from human origin to paint a picture.