Selected Work
  1. Covert Ecologies
  2. Forest Radio
  3. Ancient Rituals
  4. Métro-Carrelage
  5. Transmat
  6. EXTL-T618
  7. Inside/Outside
  1. Collaborative Futures
  2. Baltic Neighbours
  3. The Tens Effect
  4. Supermarket Stories
  5. Insect


  1. Stanisław is an inter-disciplinary designer, recently graduating with a masters’ degree from Glasgow School of Art

  2. Currently based in Kraków, Poland


Collaborative Futures


GSA / 2021
Design Strategy, Participatory Democracy in 2030

  1. Our project represents a multidisciplinary journey rooted in Glasgow. It’s a joint effort between Glasgow’s Centre for Civic Innovation and the Glasgow School of Art. At the core of the project is an exploration of democracy in 2030.

  2. Looking beyond traditional interpretations of decision-making, the project looks at democracy as an everyday experience, focusing on spontaneous neighbourhood interactions and informal networks, and their contribution to larger, centralised power structures.

  3. A series of remote engagements, workshops and collaboration with third-sector organisations made it possible to speculate about the role of trust in maintaining equitable relationships between citizens and organisations in 2030.

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