Selected Work
  1. Covert Ecologies
  2. Forest Radio
  3. Ancient Rituals
  4. Métro-Carrelage
  5. Transmat
  6. EXTL-T618
  7. Inside/Outside
  1. Collaborative Futures
  2. Baltic Neighbours
  3. The Tens Effect
  4. Supermarket Stories
  5. Insect


  1. Stanisław is an inter-disciplinary designer, recently graduating with a masters’ degree from Glasgow School of Art

  2. Currently based in Kraków, Poland


Forest Radio


ENSCI / 2020
Prototype, Le Sens De Formes Utiles

  1. The forest radio is based on the idea of post-industrial design. In other words, how can we place the natural world as a source of ideas in an age of information? What services can a forest provide us other than being a source of timber for our products?

  2. Current trends in production perpetuate the mass creation of identical objects at lightning speed, which are often discarded with the same ease. This project asks whether this cycle of rapid consumption can be slowed down by modifying the manufacturing process.