Selected Work
  1. Covert Ecologies
  2. Forest Radio
  3. Ancient Rituals
  4. Métro-Carrelage
  5. Transmat
  6. EXTL-T618
  7. Inside/Outside
  1. Collaborative Futures
  2. Baltic Neighbours
  3. The Tens Effect
  4. Supermarket Stories
  5. Insect


  1. Stanisław is an inter-disciplinary designer, recently graduating with a masters’ degree from Glasgow School of Art

  2. Currently based in Kraków, Poland


The Tens Effect


GSA / 2018
Concept for Tens, Branding

  1. The Tens effect is the feeling you get from looking though Tens’ unique filtered lens. During this project, I work alongside their brand to see how I can best represent the feeling of joy experienced whilst wearing a pair of Tens sunglasses.

  2. An advertising campaign centred around the theme of invisibility uses posters with a reflective ink that can only be seen with a camera flash, revealing each character’s pair of glasses. Using the element of surprise and replacing models with everyday people means bringing Tens closer to being a lifestyle brand.