A series of habitats which explore mutualistic relationships between insects, humans and the urban environment. Built from scavenged local materials, they represent a reconstructed landscape of meaning.

Inspired by the movement of seeds around the city, a participatory public infrastructure explores how shifts in perspectives towards natural processes can be initiated.

Mass production creates identical objects at lightning speed, which are often discarded with the same ease. Can patterns of consumption be influenced by slowing down the manufacturing process?

A dinner set inspired by hunter-gatherer lifestyles, ancient cup-marks and hearths, reflecting on how culture is expressed through food as well its ties with the past.
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Ceramics, Object, Materials

In a collaboration between two public institutions, this social innovation project explores participatory democracy in the context of informing Glasgow's future social, environmental and political ecosystems.

Stanisław is a multidisciplinary designer, currently based in Warsaw, Poland.